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Focal Plane Arrays

QmagiQ manufactures and sells a variety of standard and custom SLS and QWIP focal plane arrays. All FPAs are spec-compliant, and delivered either in an LCC or on a customer-supplied substrate. A rigorous test report and the QmagiQ Guarantee accompanies each FPA.

Below is a short list of some of the standard focal planes QmagiQ offers:

  • Falcon 256:
    320x256 FPA, mid-format 1-Color LWIR QWIP, on ISC9705 ROIC
  • Hawk 512:
    640x512 FPA, large-format 1-Color LWIR QWIP, on ISC9803 ROIC
  • Eagle 256:
    320x256 FPA, mid-format 2-Color MWIR/LWIR QWIP, on ISC0006 ROIC

Custom detector design is available to tailor the response of our focal plane arrays to the unique spectral requirements of your application with wavelength ranges extending out beyond 12µm.

We also offer custom FPAs built on the ROIC of your choice. If you are already using this ROIC, you can expand your product line into the LWIR imaging/thermography space by having QmagiQ build an SLS or QWIP FPA on it. Your existing system stays the same, all you may need to do is switch to a lens with a LWIR passband.

Contact us to find out how you can get a QWIP FPA on your ROIC.

Single Pixel Tests
Pixel size 23x23 µm²  
Peak spectral response 8.6 0.2 µm  
Full width at half maximum 0.7 0.2 µm  
Blackbody responsivity 15 mA/W Looking at a chopped 500-K blackbody source through an F/2 window, 1V bias
Conversion efficiency 0.025 el/ph 1V bias
Photoconductive gain 0.2 - 1V bias (peak value of 0.3-0.4 at -3V bias)
Quantum efficiency 12 % 1V bias
Blackbody detectivity D*BB 1e9 Jones 77-K operating temperature
Peak detectivity D*peak 1e10 Jones 77-K operating temperature
Dark current density 5e-4 A/cm² 77-K operating temperature
FPA Tests
Array format 640x512 -  
Pixel pitch 25 µm  
Optical response 20 5 mV/C F/2 cold shield, ROIC gain setting of 1, 1V bias, room temperature scene
Uncorr. response uniformity 2 0.5 % Aperture shading effects removed
Corrected response uniformity 0.05-0.10 % 30C scene temperature after a two-point NUC at 20C and 40C
Temporal NEΔT mean 25-30 mK F/2, 68-K operating temperature, 5-10 ms integration time, 16-Hz frame rate
Temporal NEΔT standard dev. 3 1 mK "
Spatial NEΔT mean 13-18 mK "
Operating temperature 68-70 K Dark current and noise increase with operating temperature
Overall operability >99.5 % Actual value depends on performance specs. See QH2 sample test report.
ISC9803 power dissipation ~75 mW  

For details on the operating characteristics of the ISC9803 ROIC, go to

Sensor Engines

Any of QmagiQ's FPAs are also available as cryo-cooler packaged sensor engines or integrated dewar cooler assemblies (IDCAs). Contact us with your system requirements and we'll determine a sensor engine configuration to suit your needs.

Camera Systems

Full turn-key custom camera systems are available for any QmagiQ focal plane array configuration. Contact us with your specific infrared imaging application details for more inforation.